I do not accept insurance but I will provide a CMS 1500 Standard Insurance Industry Form which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, provided that your insurance company provides reimbursement for out-of-network outpatient psychotherapy by a licensed professional counselor. You can also submit this form to a health care flex spending account provided by your employer. I provide military discounts, senior citizens discounts (over 60) and cash discounts. I accept cash, check, Mastercard and Visa.

Coin stacks with letter dice – Fees


Get the Body You were Born to Have – Reduce Weight with NLP and Hypnotherapy  

Based on Judy’s leading book for hypnotherapy and NLP practitioners. Eight (8) individual sessions and over $150 in materials, including four customized hypnosis CDs and a 75-page client workbook. This individual counseling program targets your goals, binging and overeating, emotional eating, food selection, your relationship with food, exercise, and self-esteem.

  • Fee: $1,200 for eight sessions. Includes $150 worth of free materials. Payment required in advance.

Stop Smoking with the Habit Maven® Smoking Cessation Program

This highly successful program consists of four individual sessions: An intake interview, two sessions of hypnotherapy, and an optional follow-up. Clients receive a customized hypnosis CD.

  • Fee: $625 for three sessions. An optional fourth session is complimentary. Payment required in advance.

Say Goodnight to Insomnia: The Habit Maven® Insomnia Package

Doctors refer clients to this program. Three individual sessions: An intake interview, one session of hypnotherapy with a customized hypnosis CD, and a follow-up counseling session.

  • Fee: $450 for three sessions. Payment required in advance.

Stop Unwanted Habits, Procrastination and Self-Sabotage

If you struggle with unwanted habits such as nail-biting, thumb-sucking, hair pulling, or negative self-talk, this five-session package is for you. The fifth session is optional to use any time in six months to make sure your behavioral change lasts.

  • Fee: $700 for four sessions. An optional fifth session is complimentary. Payment required in advance.

Manage Anxiety, Depression and Stress

Let Dr. Judy Pearson design a 3 – 10 session hypnotherapy and NLP package for you. Pay as you go and address any challenge you face.

  • Fee: $165 per hour. A $15 discount applies for cash payments, and to seniors, military (active duty or retired), and first-responders.

Eliminate Phobias and Illogical Fears

Five individual sessions to assess the basis of your fear/phobia, release irrational fear, and instill confidence and equanimity. Ideal for social fears, performance anxiety, fear of insects and animals, fear of driving, fear of elevators, worry about job interviews, and difficulties with criticism and assertiveness.
Fee: $750 for five sessions. Payment required in advance.

Habit Maven® Sports and Performance Confidence Hypnosis Package

Develop the habit of motivation and top performance. Overcome blocks, cope with setbacks, and give your best! This five-session hypnosis and NLP-based coaching package is ideal for for sport and athletic performance, public speaking, job
interviews, and stage performance.

  •  Fee: $650 for five sessions. Payment required in advance.

Habit Maven® Advanced NLP Communication Skills Coaching

Do you want to write and speak more effectively: to motivate, persuade, and influence others? Ten (10) individual sessions of NLP coaching will teach you state-of the art verbal and non-verbal communication and listening skills.

  • Fee: $1600 for ten sessions. Payment required in advance.

Habit Maven® Self-Mastery Coaching

This is the ultimate Habit Maven package plan. Motivate yourself the way high achievers do. Program your mind for maximum productivity. Abolish your worst habits and limiting beliefs. Stop Procrastination, Self-sabotage, and Inertia. Develop drive and
resilience. Learn to set and accomplish viable goals. Fifteen (15) one-hour individual sessions of Coaching, NLP, and Hypnotherapy customized to your needs, goals, personality and life purpose. Materials included.

  • Fee: $3,000. Can be paid in three installments.

Habit Maven® Call-in/Email Maintenance Coaching Package

Do you need help maintaining a good habit, like exercise, or flossing your teeth or doing your homework? Do you need help making sure you steer clear from a habit you’ve stopped? This three-month program offers a range of options for optimum flexibility. We make it convenient: all contacts and sessions are handled by phone or email.

Single Sessions

Let me design a 3 – 10 session hypnotherapy and NLP package for you. Pay as you go and address any challenge or habit you choose. Recommended for Depression, Trauma, Anxiety, Stress Management, Pain Management, and Mental Preparation for Medical Procedures.

  • Fee: $165 per one-hour session. Pay as you go.

For Clients Outside the Washington, DC area

I can provide coaching by phone or Skype and include Customized Hypnosis CDs if you live outside the Washington, DC area. I will arrange individual NLP-based coaching sessions to help you overcome challenges and reach your goals. If you seek hypnotherapy, I will consult with you about the content of the session, and for an additional $100 will record a customized hypnosis CD and send it to you.

  • Fee: $150 per hour. A 10% discount is provided for five sessions paid in advance.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Out-of-Office visits, including travel time (within 50 miles): $175 per hour
  • Extended Case Consultation with Other Organization or Provider: $175 per hour
  • Client-requested letters (1-2 pages): $50 per letter
  • Client-requested reports: $650 per report
  • Copies of client records: $1 per page
  • Courtroom attendance (min. 4 hours): $250 per hour
  • Peer supervision: $140 per hour
  • Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice: $80 each
  • No-show for scheduled appointment: $125 each
  • Checks Returned for Insufficient Funds: $25 per check
  • Administrative fees for overdue payments: $10 per month

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