Manage Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

Experts tell us that 80 percent of today’s illnesses are stress-related. Stress is often the cause of lowered immunity, digestive problems, cardiovascular illness, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, high blood pressure, overeating, sleep disorders, and headaches. Stress contributes to diminished performance, poor concentration, difficulties with short-term memory, and can even affect how people handle their relationships. Dr. Judy Pearson can help you learn coping skills so that you can actively, confidently and competently evaluate options, manage risks, solve problems and communicate more effectively with yourself and others. She will also teach you how to relax, concentrate, focus your thoughts, marshal your strengths, and reach equanimity.

Dr. Judy Pearson has specialized training and years of experience in successfully treating clients who have anxiety, depression, and stress. She will work closely with you to devise a structured program of hypnotherapy according to your specific needs that will help you release unwanted emotions, acquire behavioral coping mechanisms, accomplish meaningful goals, and live your life with equanimity. 8 – 12 sessions are recommended.

Manage Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

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